Practical Practical Writing Tutorial

Practical Practical Writing Tutorial


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This book is written for the vocational education and training applications compiled basic writing, writing ideas focus on three principles: First Practical reveal the nature, characteristics and laws of Practical nurturing overall feeling; Second, focus on the writing process, Liwen analysis and training to effectively develop practical writing skills; Third, the stylistic choice, lectures and training Dianmianjiege, simplified are different, the style choreography Deep, combined with practical, focusing on practical.  The book is divided into ten chapters, each of practical writing overview, practical writing basics, daily sports, sports affairs, sports job, document style, economic style, sports information, technical writing, legal language. Each chapter is about the theoretical essence, complete stylistic part of asanas, writing dynamic analysis plump, general concept, function, characteristics, classification, format and writing, precautions, Liwen analysis. Each chapter has a thinking and practice, can effectively improve students' writing skills, and help to further improve the theoretical level.

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