Practical Interpretation of Section Dictionary

Practical Interpretation of Section Dictionary


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Publisher: Chinese-language publishing community (1991)
ISBN-10: 7507509591
ISBN-13: 978-7507509595

This dictionary care to facilitate learning, choreography commonly used words and idioms seven thousand Chinese characters commonly used Chinese characters and each composed of about 40,000 words to explain the meaning of the words in each morpheme , and the commonly used words and idioms , both characters according to their weight out , if you do not know how to write a word , the word can be derived from both the next inspection, the most convenient.

This dictionary is a Chinese word meaning to explain the meaning and word -based behavior when a new morpheme dictionary . Its specialty lies in the word that the composition according to the same morpheme morpheme meaning of the different columns and Syria respectively . For example , " collar" word has different meanings in various Words . When the collar talking about , such as tie, round neck , pointed collar ; When talking points , such as the program, the essentials ; while leading speak , as the leader , leader , guide, lead ; when , according to a talk , such as territory , field, territorial waters , possessive ; while receiving stresses , such as that experience , appreciate, thanks to the collar ; when speaking of understanding , such as understanding , taste ; speak when received , as the reward , adventure, claimed ; when leaders speak , as leaders, generals. After a detailed analysis of book editors study to determine the compound words in different morpheme righteousness, justice as the key link to the morpheme words related command , were cited , the reader can quickly grasp the meaning of different compound words .

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