Nouveau Dictionnaire Chinois-Francais Des Locutions

Nouveau Dictionnaire Chinois-Francais Des Locutions


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Nouveau dictionnaire chinois-français des locutions et expressions First, the Chinese idiom dictionary received twelve thousand thousand articles, including some proverbs, sayings, idioms approximate date of a small amount of income, but not Chinese idiom dictionary in the news media and everyday life frequently occurring phrases such as "climax" , "brilliant", also in conjunction income.
Second, the dictionary Translating available overseas workers, people in French teaching staff, students and institutions of higher learning French professional learning Chinese in France and French-speaking reference.
Third, the Chinese idiom dictionary entries using Chinese Simplified and Traditional two fonts, Simplified former, traditional in the post. Lexical entries alphabetically by pinyin, the first word homonym entry cohomology, press the entry of the second word order, and so on.
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