Multiple Perspectives Rhetorical

Multiple Perspectives Rhetorical


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In modern society, the use of language should be the first requirement: the most economical language materials, the maximum amount of information transmitted, the highest accuracy and comprehensibility, received the best effect of expression. In short, is to increase the use of language skills, skills. Beautiful, appropriateness rhetoric is always the goal, but also an important issue linguists study.
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The first chapter of the commentary about the rhetoric
First, about the definition of the concept of rhetoric
Second, the history of rhetoric and research
Third, the task of rhetoric , scope and function
Fourth, the solution of speech and other contemporary social and cultural psychology
Five words related to utilize several rhetorical
Theoretical framework and the development trend of the second chapter of rhetoric
First, the relationship between subject and Chinese rhetoric rhetoric
Second, structural and rhetorical deconstruction of the relationship between language
Third, future trends rhetoric
Chapter III paradox concerning the relationship between syntax and rhetoric
Chapter IV Talk Rhetoric and Communication Environment
The role of rhetoric and Chapter V compound
A composite rhetoric and classification
Second, the functional role to play complex and its rhetoric rhetoric in different contexts
Chapter VI explore the poetry of rhetoric
First, the imagery and poetry
Second, poetry and figurative line drawing showing
Third, the use of speech in poetry
Fourth, the poetic language of the play 's action
Chapter VII of the rhetorical slogan Man Yee
First, the advertising slogan of the use of a variety of rhetorical devices
Second, in the form of classified advertising and means of expression
Chapter VIII of the popular songs of the rhetorical and practical significance
First, on poetry and pop lyrics
Second, the magical variety of speech created a new myth in real life
Third, the deviation from the natural method of access and expression of the popular alternative rhetorical achievement
Fourth, a variety of speech combined to form simple, tranquil presentation style pop lyrics
Chapter IX of the Western literary metaphors of performance
First, due to the factors of language, metaphor Western relatively complex , complicated for some, but China 's analogy is more simple, crisp , the phrase
Second, the parable of the West tend to truthfully depict Chinese metaphor tends to form near likeness
Chapter expression in the English idiom and rhetoric
First, the common English idioms
Second, examine the differences between Western Sayings from the deep cultural perspective
Third, the similarities and differences between Chinese and Western proverb on the use of methods of expression
Chapter XI of ancient Chinese rhetoric cases words
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