Jan 9, 2014

Intermediate Spoken Chinese Part 2 Unit 1

第一课 寒假过得怎么样

The textbook of Chinese students have some basic training in China as the main target, the text content tightly around their student life in China, arranged a very practical scenarios dialogue. Level outline of the selected words from Hanban over B vocabulary. The main features are always a number of main characters throughout; introduce some new vocabulary, arranged a large number of practical exercises progressive approach; change "word-based" to "Sentence"; introduction of "oral knowledge" and "common language spoken" in two parts from spoken language to spoken language syntax a systematic explanation, summary. Suitable for students learning Chinese.


Tina Hao,
may i have new link for this book
thank you


tina hao,
xie xie ni
buhao yisi mafan nin le
ruguo zao de dao le qiu nin zai upload

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