English-Chinese Chinese-English Neuromedical Dictionary

English-Chinese Chinese-English Neuromedical Dictionary


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In today's medical field , nerve medicine has become an important subject, new theories , new techniques and new methods are emerging, international academic exchanges frequently. On the one hand , we should actively promote research results out to expand the application scope to improve visibility ; on the other hand , it is necessary to learn advanced technology from abroad to come , as I used to raise the level of research . Currently, more use of the medical literature and published in English for academic exchanges , English has become the universal language of the world , and therefore a great need for a neurological medical English Dictionary , both professionals can easily query , but also improve the quality of academic exchanges . The dictionary is written in the spirit of this purpose . The dictionary is divided into two parts: ① English-Chinese , organized in alphabetical order ; ② Chinese-English , organized alphabetically by pinyin . Each included approximately 5,400 entries, for two-way access . This dictionary is a nerve medical workers , graduate students and medical students tool. We make every effort to compile a good dictionary , extensive collection of new words. Vocabulary consists of two words , the use of the adjective + noun, noun less nouns ; same meaning of a word with two meanings of the word , then choose the latter , as with stirup stapes , not stirup bone stapes ; word "sex " as little as possible with or without the word , otherwise a two or three word " sex "word , it becomes cumbersome ; to make the layout looks, omitting names possessive symbol " 's " or "' "and" s . "
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