Chinese Nonlinear Phonology

Chinese Nonlinear Phonology


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Chinese nonlinear phonology: Chinese phonological sound patterns and word

"Chinese nonlinear phonology (Revised Edition)" Comprehensive Review of Foreign nonlinear phonology reason perish, a new theoretical perspective comprehensive analysis of the different nature of the Chinese word sounds and derived sound, Mandarin or dialects children of dual Rhyming even when a total tune softly other word-building and took voice performance levels associated with the characteristics of modern Chinese Syntax prosodic units (sound step, stop the extension segment, Wu wide segment) and its relationship with the pragmatic aspects of grammar. "Chinese nonlinear phonology (Revised Edition)" analysis reveals that phonological and syntactic rhythms are Chinese words sound as the hub of a word-based, multi-syllable language and rhythm of the words in the hub significantly different. Discussion of the book involves various types of world languages ​​and dialects of Mandarin perish particularly in-depth discussion, and research methods have a special exposition.

Pages Number: 351 Language: Chinese. Publisher: University Press; No. 2 (May 2. 2008). Chinese Nonlinear phonology: Chinese phonological sound patterns and words (updated version). a comprehensive review of foreign non-linear phonology reason perish. a new comprehensive analysis of the theoretical perspective of sound and derived words in Chinese sounds different in nature. Mandarin or dialect in the children of dual acoustic stack rhyme. even tone. neutral tone and other voice-morphological method and longitudinal performance of modern Chinese at all levels of syntactic prosodic unit (sound step. stop delay section. Wuzhou wide segment...
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