Chinese Crash Course

Chinese Crash Course


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English Title: Chinese Crash Course
Chinese Title: 旅游汉语速成
ISBN-10: 7301095007, 7-301-09500-7
ISBN-13: 9787301095003, 978-7-301-09500-3
Pages: 300 (Textbook), 168 (Workbook)
Binding: Softcover
Shipping Weight: 910g
Size: 185mm x 260mm
Language: simplified Chinese, pinyin, English
Year of Publication: 2005

Chinese Crash Course is a new tool for teaching Chinese and getting to know China. This is a book from its bottom to the zenith covering a rapid understanding of tour related knowledge. It takes the journey of an American family in China as a background, and involves every sector in a journey and includes all the spoken Chinese sentences and glossaries that can be useful. This book is bounded with an exercise book and CD.

The Pronounciation section is unique among language teaching materials. With diagrams and aural examples it makes the four tones of inflection in Mandarin Chinese crystal clear to the learner. All vocabulary and conversations use current, standard Mandarin, so learners can easily apply their language training whereever they go.
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