Chinese Aphorisms Dictionary

Chinese Aphorisms Dictionary


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Chinese Aphorisms Dictionary consists of over 12,000 entries divided into 244 categories, 25 sections and 4 chapters, i.e., people, event, society and nature. This layout allows readers to find the target information easily in the 1,466-page dictionary. All aphorisms are selected from Chinese classics of Pre-Qin philosophers, Confucians, and other masters throughout Chinese history. All entries are accompanied with notes and sources. Before the text, there is a classified catalogue and an entry index in alphabetical order which ensures easy and fast search.

Paperback: 1466 pages
Publisher: China translation and publishing Corporation (January 25, 2007)
Language: Chinese
ISBN-10: 7500115032
ISBN-13: 978-7500115038

The dictionary of Chinese famous aphorism received 1.2 million articles, press people, events, social, natural classification, the classification of 224 small, retrieve convenient, fast and practical.
First, book chapters, sections, divided into three categories, set people, things, society and nature chapters, namely, 25, 224 category, received a total of 1.2 million of the famous aphorism, a total of 1466.
Second, the dictionary received aphorisms selected from pre-Qin philosophers, Confucian classics and ancient writings of all kinds.
Third, each famous aphorism both notes and references.
Fourth, the dictionary text by chapter, section, class arrangement. The same kind of aphorisms arranged in alphabetical sequencer.
Fifth, in addition to the text before the "Category", the "Index Entry" otherwise alphabetical sequencer arranged so that the reader quick retrieval.
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