Basic of written Chinese 1

Basic of written Chinese 1


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"Combination of Chinese Series: Written Chinese foundation (the first one) (Set of 2)" is based on "a combination of Chinese" theory written in Chinese textbooks written, is "a combination of Chinese textbook series" component. "Combination of Chinese textbook series" The aim is to prepare as much as possible to reflect the characteristics of the Chinese language, so easy to teach Chinese to learn, so that learners need most to learn Chinese with the least time.
"Combination of Chinese Series: Written Chinese base (Volume 1) (Set of 2)" to English-speaking students and other adult education rather as the main teaching subject.

Author: Lvbi Song
Publisher: Capital Normal University Press
Publication Date: 2008-05-01
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 190
Language: Chinese
Format: PDF

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  1. Sister Tina,

    Firstly thank you for uploading great collection of books. I have a request if it is possible for u to upload or share books google drive or other site 4shared as posted links are down. Appreciate if you could do it.

    Thank you again for getting PDF. I got printed books but PDF helps me a lot.


  2. with no link available it doesn't work, can you update please, thankyou


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