Ancient Chinese Stories on Customs

Ancient Chinese Stories on Customs


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This series is for the children of overseas Chinese and mainland Chinese learning books written , it will enable readers to learn Chinese at the same time , learn the ancient Chinese culture. Each book includes the story of a number of articles , the language of each story is a model of modern Chinese and phonetic symbols accompanying the article synopsis in English introduction, the book language fluency and vivid illustrations .

Learning a language, you can grasp a tool. If combined with relevant cultural knowledge to learn, not only to avoid boring, but also easy to learn quickly, learn firmly.
This " story of ancient Chinese culture ," is to have an initial grasp of Chinese readers to continue in-depth study and preparation of the publication 's readers in learning Chinese at the same time , to understand some aspect of ancient Chinese culture. It can be used for self-study, teachers can also choose to explain in the classroom .
Each volume includes the story of a number of articles . Selected ancient stories with modern spoken about, and phonetic symbols to facilitate reading. Press the phonetic alphabet , not standard tones softly , " a " and "no" standard tone ; without ligatures , not capitalized. Synopsis of each well after the English introduction.
This book can be used for learning Chinese foreign readers use , readers domestic ethnic regions also be used to learn Chinese , of course, Han areas suitable alphabet books pupils.
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