Ancient Chinese Made of Micro

Ancient Chinese Made of Micro


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"Ancient Chinese micro " I paid a total of forty articles . These articles are the problems encountered in my teaching , these questions always feel old enough to explain the appropriateness or not accurate enough. So , apart from teaching lessons , lap book collecting material to see in the end how to speak . Material collecting more, sometimes suddenly suddenly felt better so to speak , or just accurate , it made ​​such personal views , written in the article . Such as " Warring States after Zhao Wei Qi asked to make" on the clock ion man said, "is its people also have food Zheyi food, without food Zheyi food ; clothes to Zheyi clothes , no clothes Zheyi clothes ." Here What is the use of the term fresh clothes spend it ? only say that for some food to eat, clothes to wear , some say is so moving . If so make move, the solution should be to make him eat , so he wore ah. This is clearly not enough to explain properly . Another example is "Zuo Zhuan" Yanling war, "Please drink drink taken ," a phrase , the general also said that drink here is to make the move. If this is so dynamic , meaning heavy drinking should be construed so that the child can be here is obviously important to the child drink . A circle "Lu " and found a " nine people on food Tian Fu ", which is not clear , said a farmer's yield superior field can support nine people eat it? This modern Chinese " pot eat three ", apparently the same grammatical structure , not so dynamic . After the term "Book " in the " kingship" where they encountered one case "system of farmland acres and acres of the points, the farmer eating nine people," This is even more clear, it is clearly superior to say a farmer field the output can support nine acres of individuals . And so on and , "Please drink intake horses ," the verb usage, and modern Chinese " drinking games " are not the same? So I made ​​for moving this concept.
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