A Dictionary of Abbreviations and Acronyms in Oncology

A Dictionary of Abbreviations and Acronyms in Oncology


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The dictionary received word about 5000 , both well known in the classical acronym oncology community , but also focus on bringing together reflect the latest advances in oncology abbreviations . For the purposes of its inclusion in the scope of consolidated wimp to do a combination of the first letter of the owners , with a particular focus on the three -letter and three -letter acronym above abbreviations such as CEA ( carcinoembryonic antigen ), UICD ( UICC ) and so on. Given two letters, one-letter abbreviations poor specificity , so select only a small number of really useful entries. For ease of retrieval and browsing reverse clustering more affinity with the Chinese , the Chinese dictionary specially choreographed part of the index . Given the name of the magazine 's special abbreviations , and therefore be in the form of Appendix 4 separate arrangement can alphabetical order, pinyin sorting class oncology , biomedical classes , affecting factors such as arbitrary searches , year founded , frequency of publication , publishing , the portable Document Format basic information such as full-text references are to make credible twist . In addition, the dictionary also extracted 300 and 100 must-read common abbreviation abbreviation , which is prepared for the time and energy of youth with limited medical staff and students fast . 肿瘤学缩略语词典
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