30 days of daily Chinese Society - Listening

30 days of daily Chinese Society - Listening


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"30 days to learn everyday English (listening posts) (Set of 2)" for beginners to learn Chinese or foreigners who first came to China to prepare a series of materials, the materials can be used with "30 days to learn everyday, Chinese, spoken articles" supporting the use of can also be used as an independent special skills training materials.
"Listening Posts" focus on the preparation of the principle of combining the structure and function around the "oral papers," the 20 life topics, the selection of the most common life scenes, featuring practical language material written. Short, concise hearing dialogue, interesting, useful content, progressive exercise is the purpose of preparation.
The materials mainly to train listening skills, reading, speaking, writing, supplemented by the principles, the main training session for beginners everyday listening skills, ability to focus on training the actual hearing, listening to the focus of language content, improve hearing ability in a short period of purposes.

"30 days to learn everyday English (listening posts) (Content)."

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