University of Thai Listening Tutorials 2

University of Thai Listening Tutorials 2


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The sub exercises and text, the text is accompanied by a book with hearing problems, exercise is almost difficult dialogue with the text or article . Dialogue of our daily life ! Very ! Very ! Gradual good ! However, there are a few people speak very funny ... orz may be deliberately caused it to slow down . I guarantee you there are a few voices heard will remember , I heard there will be the next " oh you again " feeling . There are some fable Chicken Soup ah ah what . Back of the book with the answers and the original. In fact, the original not repeat exactly the same , dubbing free play . My approach is to look at the problem, not the word checked → Then listen , do Listening to listen to the kind of law do question → then a one listen , try listening to write original writing → ​​looked at his hearing to listen to it again , by the way on the right to see done before the final go against the original → change their listening writing . Well - aimed Lianting Li topics are not done . Because honestly, those questions, I do not listen , you can look directly at the subject selected the correct answer. Insist on doing so should be effective it - I'm on my way still very confident . I just do not have that perseverance to execute it.
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