New Korean Basic Course (Vol.2)

New Korean Basic Course (Vol.2)


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Pages Number: 174 Publisher: Dalian University of Technology; 1st edition

"Korean-based tutorial (the book) (new version)" The purpose of writing is that even up to the extent of the surrounding locale less immersive, but also make the intention to learn Korean people through the efforts of the system in a relatively short period of time learn Korean. The advantage of the kit is easy to understand explanations combine with repeated practice, starting from the base, one step at a gradual increase in the level of the Korean language. Ruo Shi foreign language level reaches a certain level and can use it freely, must pay the appropriate effort. Learning a language best, fastest way than direct exposure to the environment of the local language, learning authentic language. However, even taking this approach, if not frequently heard, speaking, reading and writing exercises to achieve the intended purpose still need quite a long time. 
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