New Korean Basic Course (Vol.1)

New Korean Basic Course (Vol.1)


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In recent years, other language -speaking population, learning Korean people increasing, this phenomenon gratifying . Needless to say , when the level reaches a certain level language and can use it freely , must pay the appropriate effort. Learning language Ideally , the most efficient way than a direct exposure to the environment in the local language , learning authentic language , but even taking this approach , if not frequent listening, speaking , reading and writing exercises to achieve the intended purpose remains take quite a long time. preparation of " a new Korean -based tutorial" is precisely the purpose of the surrounding locale , even less than the degree of immersive , but also make intends to learn Korean people through our efforts, in a short time within the system to learn Korean.

"The new Korean -based tutorial" is designed to maximize the use of the textbook learner efficiency . Additionally, in the after-school practice , but also can easily , learners have learned to examine the contents of the stage and down the effort to say, "The new Korean -based tutorial" the advantage is easy to understand explanations combine with repeated practice , starting from the base , one step at a gradual increase in the level of the Korean language .
( A ) The first part of Lesson 1 to Lesson 5 ( text and pronunciation ) and Lesson 6 ( pronunciation rules ) components. Text and pronunciation is essential to learn a language , we must firmly grasp , especially Lesson 6 , all of a sudden their school after ten kinds of articulation , better grasp slowly one by one as well.
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