American Oral English on Campus

American Oral English on Campus


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Pages Number: 169 Language: Chinese. English. University campus English Under such circumstances written. It aimed at training. improving the students' speaking ability. enthusiasm and interest in further inspire them to learn English. to promote their learning of English - written and oral. curricular and extracurricular. in English can really learn something . The university campus English around the American University campus life scenes to start is particularly suitable for first arrived in the United States. a complete stranger. unaccompanied Chinese students and visiting scholars. to adapt to learning. research. and a new life. Book located in the intermediate level of English. four. six positive words based; fresh. popular. flat. vivid language; each lesson word lists. comments. exercises and reading material. the end of the book accompanied by a number for overseas inspection appendix. Is particularly worth mentioning is that the annotation of the text explains not only the vocabulary. grammar. sentence focus. difficulty and length introductory texts on Western cultural background knowledge. to the editor's own personal experience and insight in all aspects of Wei Wei Tao to help the reader understanding and knowledge of Western society. especially the cultural background and social customs of the United States.
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