The Taste of Chinese Words and Phrases Audio

The Taste of Chinese Words and Phrases Audio


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Dimensions: 220 x 170 x 5 mm ,  Paperback ,  156  pages
ISBN13:  9787561928202
Publication Date:  2010-8
Annotation language:  Russian
Language skill:  Reading, Vocabulary, Character
Level:  Elementary
Category:  Chinese Textbooks for Children and Teenagers - Non-Chinese Origin
Medium:  Audio CD

Select a book rich cultural implication, Chinese and Russian words meaning quite different cultures 22, divided into color papers, digital papers, The Plant, Animals four parts, the book income expanded about 350 words. Explanation word through pictures, fonts evolution Chinese writing, explaining the meaning of words, word picture release, cultural stories vividly reveal the form of Chinese cultural connotations of words. Book with pinyin and Russian translations, so that students
can understand. Another recording discs, there are ways to enhance the students benefit from the auditory impression. Beautifully illustrated book, help to stimulate interest in adolescent learners.

Pages Number: 156 Language: Chinese Russian. Publisher: Beijing Language University Press; 1 (August 1. 2010). taste of most Chinese characters and the word Abstract: window. Trojans. red envelopes. uneasiness ... ... These words What does it mean? want to know the answer? Sign open this book it! this little book. a vivid picture so that you intuitively understand every word
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