Students Happy to read classic: My first Idiom comic books 2

Students Happy to read classic: My first Idiom comic books 2


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Idiom vivid, concise, Chinese five thousand years of civilization is the wisdom , the essence of language . Chinese vocabulary as a vital component , whether it is daily conversation , or when writing words and sentences , idioms unique expressive vocabulary of other irreplaceable . For growing children , understanding idioms , learning the use of idioms is a very meaningful thing .
"My first comic book of the idiom " is divided into four , a collection of " historical figures, war stories , raw words phenomena, studious knowledge, Trolltech nature, humor and irony ," six series of nearly three hundred idioms . Each phrase is carefully drawn into comic story . With illustrations and intuitive new things in the form of concentrated thousand years , vividly demonstrated one fascinating idioms . Narrative , interesting , readable , you can make young readers in a relaxed, enjoyable in trace the origin , to understand the origins of idioms , master understand the meaning of idioms , can achieve the purpose of the correct use of idioms , can fully appreciate China five thousand years of history and profound culture . This book is "My first comic book of the idiom ( 2 ) ", by Liu chord edited .
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