Nov 7, 2013

Photoshop CS5 from Entry to the Master (Chinese version)

"Photoshop CS5 Chinese version from entry to the proficient," yes " from entry to the proficient," a book series . "Photoshop CS5 Chinese version from entry to the proficient," according to Photoshop CS5 image processing processes and numerous academic staff teaching and production experience Prepared. The book is divided into 19 chapters , the first Photoshop CS5 introduces the basic operation ; Then explain the selection brush tool to create and edit the use of image modification and polish draw a path with vector graphics, text input and editing, layers applied technology , mask application technology, channel application technology , video, animation and 3D application technology, tasks automation, the use of filters , color mode and color adjustment and other aspects of knowledge ; Finally, photo retouching , POP poster design, advertising design , packaging design and web design and other cases , specifically on the Photoshop CS5 application of skills. Comes with a DVD video disc instruction book contains more than 100 examples of multimedia video tutorials, source files and material files. "Photoshop CS5 Chinese version from entry to the proficient," a " tutorial + example " in the preparation form , both technical manuals and reference manual features application skills , technical and practical, to explain clearly . "Photoshop CS5 Chinese version from entry to the proficient," not only as image processing and graphic design beginning and intermediate readers to learn from books, but also can serve as a relevant professional colleges and graphic design training materials .
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