Nov 2, 2013

Everyday English Snack Collection of Best English Story

"Every story will read some English Collection (English-Chinese) (Value Platinum Edition)" selected readers favorite authors, the most beneficial to the reader the essence of the story, the compiler of the "daily read some English story Complete (English-Chinese) (super-value Platinum Edition). "This is inside the story is rich in ideals and the pursuit of gorgeous movement is heart of the rain and moisture readers Oasis, is to improve morality, cultural tastes of the best English reading materials. "Every story will read some English Collection (English-Chinese) (Value Platinum Edition)" story more categories, including true stories, inspirational stories, celebrity stories, philosophical stories, fables, bizarre stories, adventure stories, moving story, nearly 150 English classic story. The selected stories are English original, the story wide selection, and with accurate fluent Chinese translation, to help readers better understand the text.
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