Drawings Spring Five Powerful Chiefs

Drawings Spring Five Powerful Chiefs


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Pages Number: 207
Language: Chinese.
Publisher: Jilin People s Publishing House; 1 (May 1. 2010).

Said the Spring and Autumn Five Powerful Chiefs. Introduction: the Duke s Nine co- princes. a Marina world merit-based political and economic reform: Duke Wen of Jin s back away Posterior outstanding military abilities; Duke Hsiang of Sung s quick success. empty a mind to; Chuzhuang Wang s Zhicuojiugai; Qinmu Gong s reward and punishment. etc.

Duke's "Nine co-princes, a Marina world" merit-based political and economic reforms: Duke Wen of the "back away" striking outstanding military prowess; Duke Xiang of quick success, empty talk righteousness; Zhuangwang of Zhicuojiugai; Qinmu Gong reward and punishment, etc. Five Hegemons distinct personality here with vivid strokes reflected overlord who dominated hegemony is a Unit of important social forces, caused a dramatic change and impact each other to break the shackles of people's thinking snare not only the Spring and Autumn Period colorful political arena, but also a profound impact on the socio-economic and cultural future generations. 
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