Nov 7, 2013

Does Not Pass the Secret: How to Make Chinese Medicine


Pages Number: 294
Language: Chinese.
Publisher: People s Medical Publishing House
Pub. Date :2010-01-01.

Does not pass the secret: How to Make Chinese medicine the form of novels. doctors try to be the hero to the body to the body and personal experience drug testing of TCM theory and TCM drugs shallow depth of the experience unfolded in front of the reader. science. popular and interesting skills. suitable for traditional Chinese medicine industry and the vast majority of Chinese ...

"Do not pass on the secret: How to Make Chinese medicine" in the form of novels, doctors try to be the hero to the body, being drugs for personal experience and theory of Chinese medicine and TCM drugs shallow depth of the experience to show in front of the reader, science, both popular and interesting, suitable for the majority of Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine industry enthusiasts enjoy reading.

Not pass the secret, talking about Chinese medicine for thousands of years are passed down the secret recipe, a picture of prescriptions crack passwords hidden behind, trying to give those entering the door to find a TCM shortcut.

How to Make Chinese medicine? Ancient Shen Nong tasted a hundred herbs, this has the hero self-diagnosis self-treatment, risk being doctors, being drugs, to experience a lot of sentiment, Tempered successful medicine.

I saw a lot of famous Chinese medicine of the road, and look to see the road to the cottage version of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine taste you explore the process will encounter the ups and downs, he stones from other hills may serve to polish jade, or let you generate immediate a bright feeling.
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