Dirty Saint: Cao Cao

Dirty Saint: Cao Cao


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Pages Number: 292
Publisher: Jiangsu Art Publishing House
Pub. Date :2011-06-01.

Despicable saints: Cao Cao (1791 to the death of Cao Cao. Cao Cao I am most convinced of Biography of Cao Cao) piece thoroughly publicize. Cao Cao to pack three pack of vile. treacherous. vicious trick; a page soaked. Cao Cao compassionate world of living beings tenderness. benevolence. sage feelings. Great evil in the history of great loyalty are similar. only Cao Cao big difference!

" Despicable saints : Cao Cao ," Introduction: ( Cao Cao 's death in 1791 , the most convinced Cao Cao Cao Cao I Biography ) a piece thoroughly publicize the three warlords Cao Cao pack despicable , treacherous , vicious trick ; a page soaked , Cao Cao compassionate world beings tenderness, benevolence , sage feelings. The history of the big evil loyalty are similar, only Cao Cao big difference ! Cao Cao's trick, treacherous levels tend to get dizzy opponents whole , get lost , mean degree often break moral bottom line, but he is a harbor the world , compassionate beings saints ; and he was a lofty tenderness , talented poet ; finally he was a sensitive , self-esteem , inner loneliness ordinary man.

The autumn of AD 189 , Cao Cao Dong kill escape and hid friend Lubbe luxury home. Lu family butcher knife entertain the devil, but suspect they want to murder themselves, categorically stabbed Lu family ; escape door just encountered Lubbe luxury porter returned and asked if he did not kill a good pig ? Cao Cao will warm Lubbe extravagant surprise knife stabbing .

AD 194 , Cao Cao attacked Lu Bu for morale , he set fire to the gates severed posterior, but a war on in the ambush , almost annihilated , and quickly fled retracement through what you just ignited into flames , burning beard half the time being the residual troops dejected , his face soot Cao thought a long while , suddenly ordered the immediate night attack Riboud , because he counted to Lvying Gang Gang victory , this time bound to loose ! Really counted .

AD 220 on March 15 , before dying , the last words of this generation is so gentle dignity : wives must learn to make shoes to sell, earn money to feed themselves, want to remarry remarried , finished forever closed his eyes .

Open this book, you will learn the history of this unique Chinese guy into Cao Cao dusty two millennia wonderful inner world.
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