Nov 7, 2013

Commonly used instrument of leading cadres writing: essentials and Examples

Writing instruments , leading cadres must work skills , but also the leading cadres theoretical training , thinking ability , policy level, knowledge base , skills and other aspects of the overall quality of verbal manifestation , is the superiors and subordinates evaluate their ability and level of the masses of the important indicators , their job responsibilities and leadership to implement the stability are closely related. "Leading cadres common instruments Writing: Tips and Examples ( 2nd Edition ) " is designed to help leaders at all levels to grasp the essentials of common writing instruments and norms , improve writing skills leaders , since its publication , readers get a warm welcome .
    "Leading cadres common instruments Writing: Tips and Examples ( 2nd Edition ) " According to the new situation , to rewrite the original book , the system introduced leadership speeches, reports , research reports , summary, typical experience , examination and appraisal materials , the network instrument , instruments and other social activities leading cadres regularly read and practical instrument for direct application of the basic types of content , writing essentials , and with which readers can appreciate and learn from the latest practical Liwen . Leading cadres involved in the book not only covers a wide range of commonly used instruments , writing angle , unique, and presentation was complete, scientific , practical, easy to operate, the majority of leading cadres and clerical workers, writing mentor and assistant.
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