Nov 18, 2013

Chinese for Mnagers Business Chinese vol.1 (CD)


Chinese for Managers is a comprehensive business Chinese course series for non-native Chinese learners at the beginning level, which is published by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP). It includes four sub-series which are Phonetics, Everyday Chinese, Business Chinese and Trade and Economy, aiming at teaching Chinese from four perspectives – listening, speaking, reading and writing. The Phonetics book is a supplementary one at the starter’s level, while the other three are designed for learners at the beginning, elementary and intermediate levels respectively. This series is applicable for short-term intensive training courses, which are designed for those who have zero knowledge of the Chinese language.One of the key features is the case studies in teaching, which combines language study and case analysis into an organic one. This series has been piloted in the EU-China Junior Managers Training Program for three years and is becoming more and more mature.

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Hi! I would like to download this book but the link is not working, could you please upload a new pdf or send it to me? Thank you!

Hi admin! Do you have pdf file for this course?

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