Business Chinese for Beginner - Reading

Business Chinese for Beginner - Reading


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Author: Dong Jin;
Language: Chinese & English
Format: 1 book
Page: 314
Publication Date: 09/2007
ISBN: 9787560068992
Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press
Series: New Century Business Chinese Series
The fall of 2002 , we focused on undergraduate foreign students and trade needs , the organization has prepared a " New Century Business Chinese tutorial series " ( senior course ) , attracted wide attention after the publication , has also been using the institutions of praise. Five years, economic ( business ) Chinese teaching has undergone tremendous changes. On the one hand , the international Chinese teaching as a whole continues to heat up in the environment , especially in business Chinese rapid growth in demand , both for academic education or training in the broader community of learners , Business Chinese is one of the most popular courses . Its distinguishing mark is the October 2006 BCT (BCT Busi rless CMlese Test) in the global Shoucikaikao . On the other hand , during which about Textbook Business Chinese Teaching and academic study more active than ever , encouraging. Experts, scholars and teachers of our front-line teaching materials for their valuable comments and suggestions are also prompted us not only to amend the already published a good academic education materials, but should focus on the broader business Chinese learning groups to study their needs and interests . This . We in Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, support, organized the compilation of this "New Century Business Chinese Course" primary series.
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