A General Course for Business Chinese 3

A General Course for Business Chinese 3


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"A General Course for Business Chinese" (1 to 3) is to train learners communicative competence as the goal of Business Chinese Business Chinese integrated materials. This series of textbooks for home and have a certain level of Chinese
(Equivalent to HSK score three or more levels) for business people learning Chinese. This series of textbooks used scene-style layout, both for the use of multimedia business Chinese teaching, but also for
Attached to the network platform for remote business Chinese education services.
First, the basic structure of materials
"Universal Business Chinese," the first volume from six units, each with 2 to 3 lessons, a total of 13 lessons; second album from six units, each unit has two lessons, a total of 12 lessons;
The third album from six units, each with 1 to 3 texts, total 12 lessons. Each unit includes text, new words and proper nouns, notes, exercises. Each lesson comes with pinyin and
English translations of words and notes are bilingual. Each volume comes with accompanying CD.
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