Would Say Fine Words Achievements of Your Life

Would Say Fine Words Achievements of Your Life


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Pages Number: 244
Publisher: Tianjin Science and Technology Press
Pub. Date :2010-01.

You would say a lifetime achievement beautiful words to refine the language and a lot of real life examples. from different scenes. different people. different aspects of the vivid and speak specifically about improving the level of communication skills to improve methods and techniques. revealing the trained the whole secret of perfect eloquence. so you rely on the superior eloquence. respected by others. recognized by the community. on the very popular. the next was love. Success guru Dale Carnegie said: today s society. a person s success depends on only a small part of the professional knowledge. and most of that depends. of art. Express the same meaning. people who speak different levels of access to the effect of different. One just right. you can change a person s fate; a word inappropriate. you can destroy a person s life. Will always be able to speak the words to the heart of others. not only to communicate without barriers. pleasant conversation. but also to help themselves both ways. to achieve their goals.

Chapter I say hidden words - beating about the bush. leaving room for euphemism to speak of people wake up to reality is a strategy. but also an art. then in possession of it. hidden in the edge. then around a bend to avoid the collision even see through the front . do not talk that broke subtle. indirect attacks to achieve the purpose of the curve. let the other along the direction of our Chapter. said. hard words - tit for tat. the other from the overwhelming momentum on the tongue like a sharp sword. so that s their own unbeaten to the evil bad touch. the other from the psychological shock and awe when the angry angry. subtle psychological pressure to each other back. to stop other malicious violation of .
Chapter III that soft words - dealt with gently. the way to win hearts and minds with the patient and communicate with others. do not resent others out of business not to do. but talk about out of the soft
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