Word Roots Memory Magic

Word Roots Memory Magic


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Word roots Memory Magic: the new speaker Liu Eastern Star and a man s word occult

Pages Number: 213 Language: Chinese English. Publisher: Hunan Art Publishing House Pub. Date :2010-11-01. has always been well received by the Chinese people back the English word suffer. and why? Chinese people lack most is the memory of English words - to understand. Why do Chinese people can not understand the English words - English words and Chinese characters are not the same concept of coinage. What is the difference - the Chinese symbol is a deformation of the old collage of new words. English words is the combination of the old symbols. or the removal of diacritical letters from new words. Until the first years of the 21st century the English vocabulary of Chinese education. emerging only a handful of the master at some etymology memory - thanks to the Internet. it is these people first read the classics of Western linguistics - Modern English word source dictionary. Year study of a male teacher. Modern Dictionary of English Etymology. such a great book. but also the first time access to the Chinese to learn English words most masses to understand the pain of everyone s recitation. and finally live up to expectations completed this
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