Wind in its Sails: Modern Home Office Decoration and Layout of a Pass

Wind in its Sails: Modern Home Office Decoration and Layout of a Pass


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Pages Number: 286
Language: Chinese.
Publisher: China Pictorial Publishing Club
Pub. Date :2010-02-01.

whether it is living in the house. or move to a new joy. we all hope so smooth. Whether workplace work hard. or running a business. we want to smooth. So smooth here is a good feng shui. Feng shui theory. feng shui house is good. people will feel smoother residence. residential stability. Lucky Nafu: Office Feng Shui good work people will feel smooth. successful. successful career. Home and office is the place we live and development. home office decoration and layout is good. in fact. good feng shui. So smooth. everything will go your way. Contents: Chapter I What is the basic knowledge of feng shui feng shui feng shui What are the main factions in what kind of house a good fengshui house eight residential basic theory of feng shui feng shui taboos which floor to choose their own method of financial position of the location and Taboo pay attention to feng shui old house house renovations and repairs within the residential area of ??feng shui and what is the number of claims between the indoor temperature and humidity of indoor flowers and people s fortune with the principles of flowers decorate the room how to resolve all the bad feng shui feng shui evil spirits how to adjust the first Chapter II of the decoration and layout of windows and doors windows and doors. and the type of feng shui Zonglun door feng shui door feng shui design and pay attention to the window toward the window of Feng Shui Feng Shui pay attention to the layout of interior doors and windows and doors and oblique distortion taboos change the layout of the window Chapter III of the living room of the Road decoration decoration design and layout of the basic requirements of living which the principles of the living room interior design living room arrangement of the pattern of living room decoration Taboo
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