West Lake Cyclopaeda Dignitary Monks and West Lake

West Lake Cyclopaeda Dignitary Monks and West Lake


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Like a cup overflowing cup of strong wine aroma concentration, "West Lake book" described in a scattering of Westlake multi-angle, all-round and fixed Geqie specific change. That gorgeous mountains, gushing springs that well, that exquisite pagodas, pavilions that delicate, like a text version of the "painting."

"West Lake book" compelling content, subject matter distinctive and embody the characteristics of tastes. Bai, Su, Lin Hejing, Yu Qian relationship with the West over the past few scattered articles are made​​, during the launch of each booklet form, the first comprehensive and systematic introduction to the history of these four celebrities close relationship with the West, both Westlake profoundly demonstrated the rich cultural connotations, but also are more readable. This book is one of the series, monk close relationship with the West and deep karma, is the West Lake Cultural aspects can not be ignored.

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