University calligraphy pen tutorial

University calligraphy pen tutorial


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This book by the State Education Commission in 1994 issued a "high school student teacher Cheng Chun Professional Skills Training Outline" (Trial) mental preparation to write Chinese characters and Chinese characters standardization based system starting from the Academy focuses on teaching calligraphy pen writing basic techniques. Copying calligraphy pen, pen calligraphy and calligraphy appreciation, with a more complete system. This book emphasizes learning calligraphy pen on the basis of the general law, Youyi Kai, line two body of the book, focusing on practical writing and explain the relationship between the art of calligraphy, so that readers can learn well the pen writing in the same time, but subject to certain aesthetic Education.

Book as a School of Public calligraphy course materials are also available for the majority of pen calligraphy lovers see.
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