Ting Zhang Xiao Wu

Ting Zhang Xiao Wu


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Pages Number: 337
Language: Chinese.
Publisher: Oriental Press; 2 (January 1. 2006).
Ting Zhang Xiao Wu. Introduction: the story too in the beginning of Western Han Dynasty four years. This summer. in the south of the Yu Zhang Yu Zhang County. a county homicide robbery. the victim s family in town maid Han Wei. Wei s relied on its own but the local Han. Ting Shijia keep the pressure on the county. solve the case as soon as possible. Yuzhang magistrate Wang Decheng under great pressure. the organization a lot of the old officials probe. had no income. Wang frustrated. retired officials to help Li Shun. Li Shun Wang recommended to their students. county Albatron Kingston Long Xiao Wu. Xiaowu really do not live up to expectations. through detailed reconnaissance. and finally cracked the case. even with David s original case and the background Guangling collusion. but because Guangling is the Emperor s own son. Emperor specifically issued an edict to the pardon. But Guangling and did not give up. but also. and Ranger Zhuan Shi Jing Fu colluded in an attempt to hijack Yuzhang County Du Wei. Yu Zhang to win the county forty thousand Crossbow. so the world has changed in future. be eligible for rebellion. But Xiao Wu also break this hijacking and captured Zhuan Shi. then Zhuan Shi appointment of hundreds of people besieged the county Meiling Qundao Argentina. like rescued Zhuan Shi. Xiao Wu made the county altogether Jiaozhao soldiers break Qundao. Unexpectedly. this caused when He fears towards the prime minister Kung-sun. because He s the son of Kung-sun sound and Zhuan Shi Gong Sun King had collaborated done enough to behead a lot of cases. Zhuan Shi fear Xiao Wu has tried to get the evidence. so to Xiao Wu Jiao Kung-sun Ho Zheng Chao made the county grounds for soldiers. sent to kill Xiao Wu. Xiao Wu got the news. had fled in panic. However fled in Gongsun He has long been sent to intercept. seeing Xiao Wu life can not be maintained. then the main LIU Guangling Weng have suddenly rushed. rescued Xiao Wu. their way. with the Crossbow and other Lord of the Chang Kung-sun shot down from behind the cliff. and captured the emperor messenger fake men Changyi Zhang Chong Wang. Yu Zhang County County soldiers recovered Kuo Po Hu et al. in Guangling County. Xiao Wu and Liu Li in both the mother of love. which was the messenger of the king s jealousy Zhao repeat itself. as Liu Li Zhao He Qimu love all the beauty. Zhao repeat itself encouraged Guangling hunting small Wu. Xiao Wu. but by virtue of their familiarity to the Han Dynasty. making phone calls and inducements. persuaded Zhao repeat itself. so Zhao repeat itself in the face of contrary Guangling good word for themselves. Zhao repeat itself took Zhuan Shi Xiao Wu gave his confession instrument He denounced rebellion Gongsun to Chang an. the desire to get Monkey reward. I did not realize was quoted Supreme Court Official Yan Nian Han Dynasty. sentenced to castration. Zhao Xiao Wu repeat itself so very hate. The Emperor Xiao Wu was thus recruited into Chang an. so that he and the new the prime minister with the governance of public
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