The Trick in Life

The Trick in Life


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Pages Number: 267 Publisher: Jincheng Pub. Date :2010-01-01 version 1. which the life of deception. respectively. from love. marriage and family. interpersonal relationships. career. etc. try from a psychological point of view. the use of psychological theory. the combination of real-life tricks in life may face a detailed analysis of the phenomenon. and provides ideas and methods of solution. To help readers use their own tricks to improve all aspects of life. making it the workplace. shopping malls. family and friends circle the most weight. the most popular. most people can do anything they want. Contents: Chapter contest with rivals - between ourselves and the enemy trick meter on the meter. harmony and seek victory fake crazy not insane. paralyze opponents to resolve misunderstandings and crisis tolerance appreciate the opponent. to borrow wisdom cherished tolerant. to a higher level opponents both ways . every desperate students respect your opponent. increase your reputation feather flock together. people in groups to bypass the rational villain. he can properly preserve the back of the person. after the blessing infinite Love your enemies. pray for the sake of others is their keep people face their own sake. had left posterior chapter speak and act with tact-psychological tricks used to convince others to speak attempting to rally the exchange of good object to distinguish how the wind blows every third person only if that can not throw a whole heart to be careful to speak . one no more. no less attention to a workplace language hidden rules effect of the use of hot and cold water just right to compliment people implicitly learn to say no Chapter III of experts to make a return of love - love to their human love trick most afraid of a little space of love suspicious damage tolerance is built on careful management the secret marriage of marriage. to love fresh sweet come in love. sweetness. tenderness and tough one less ulterior motive. jealousy eat their words come to resolve the well-being Dances of Love lovely love the occasional patient care unit is to maintain long-term philosophy of love. decorated with a taste that you learn to break up the love of learning with a strong emotional well-being for the gentle feelings of Chapter IV can not be ignored - the trick to ask friends and family between family and do not too much criticism of the family should not fail to embrace the good of your friends over regulation goodness. evil friends learn a lesson from the subtle to know if your friends have friends. be family friendly interpretation of the proper way to use humor to express concern as pumping time to visit their parents is an integral part of family members and his family should be treated calmly friends do not have a generous heart to promote the privacy of friends to share good things with friends. nothing more links have to remember to reciprocate Chapter also - and acted in corners leveling tricks. hidden edge show people the weak. to retreat into our lives. woolly-headed heart of the gas peace. tolerance quiet restrained anger shelter to safety modifications leveraging. homeopathic succeed rather be humble. not arrogant people to If the arrogant. being jealous keeping a low profile. waiting in the wings just leave. low-key life care. Scissors Invisible War Chapter office trick in the workplace in a timely manner to lend a helping hand to colleagues to share the glory with colleagues never complain maintenance supervisor boss's face. moderate cangzhuo insight into the office of the inner circle how to deal with the boss's black mood stingy praise and encourage subordinates to take the initiative. said the friendly co-workers politely refuse unreasonable demands of my colleagues not to offend the boss around the Reds the use of techniques to defend their own labor not to snitch.
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