The Richest Man in Babylon

The Richest Man in Babylon


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One , all those one-tenth of their income or more are stored up, and then use the money in their own and their families who come to seek a better life in the future who are willing to flow gold to his side , and the number of gold way to grow exponentially increasing rapidly .
Second, those who profit from the gold treated as a tool , but know how to use this tool occupants gold , gold will become managing people, so people can squeeze every piece of gold every minute profits arising , and such people use gold for profit is much faster than those grown in the fields of food as the profit .
Third, those who are very cautious on gold and are willing to listen to the wise guidance of the use of the gold was just the right person , he will firmly occupy more and more gold.
Fourth, those who invest in the gold he was not familiar with the industry , or an experienced investor in the eyes do not have the investment potential in the field who will always be with gold pass.
Five , all the gold used in the cause of those who can not make a profit on such easily listen to those glib liar said tempting suggestions, or because of their lack of experience, do not understand the concept of investment and easily into gold man, gold will the same as the sand loss from your hands.
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