The First Textbook For Learning

The First Textbook For Learning


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2001 STUDYLINK Group authorized Saatchi Kebang International Culture Development Center in China region to promote learning chain system and the construction of localized learning clinic. 2004 Spirit Kebang launched textbook learning chain Chinese localization - "study first textbook" issue facing the country, caused great repercussions in the education sector.

"Study first textbook" fast input system allows children to a variety of learning methods to achieve effective listening and easy to read, class and do not get distracted, reading can seize the key, after-school can easily repeat what they learn, so that students really feel learning is a relaxed and happy thing, a significant increase in interest in learning.

"Study first textbook" quickly understand the system a variety of learning methods can easily find out exactly what your child learned concepts, formulas, study and take exams can calmly deal with difficulties, and always keep your brain clear thinking. Test a success. 
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