The Alias of The Human Body

The Alias of The Human Body


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Color Atlas of the British human self-examination and(Chinese Edition)

Book five advantages :

1 , the full show every part of the body and detail . This book will be the human body is divided into head , neck , chest, upper limbs , abdomen , reproductive system, pelvis, lower limbs, systemic nine parts , for each part of the bones, muscles , nerves, and internal organs and their functions and interactions , have made detailed diagrams and descriptions.

2 , illustrations beautifully . This book is split draw pictures of the body is not only clear, accurate and vibrant colors like a work of art , giving a visual treat .

3 , retrieval quick and easy. This book catalogs, indexing and meticulous, careful , massive Legend involve a wide and thorough analysis , the reader can quickly and easily take this understanding of the mystery of the body , whether it is the foot of the many bones, or complex lymphatic system.

4 , a simple and suitable for general readers and students. Anatomy expert for the British author , translator of Chinese Peking Union Medical College doctoral graduate. The level reached in the professional scientific and accurate . More than 400 pieces of color illustrations and photographs , as well as layman 's interpretation makes reading easier and intuitive.

5 , the modern home healthcare guidelines. This book not only introduced a system of knowledge of human anatomy , and complemented by diseases and medical knowledge. Doctor returned , the book reverse lookup examine their own control , the reader can better understand the doctor said and done . Thus , the book in the UK for many ordinary families standing book shelves .
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