Soul Thing

Soul Thing


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Publisher: Literary Press. a hundred arts; version 1. soul matter of sheng is the most admired contemporary Chinese writers. his writing and his life completely Results

"Soul Thing" is sheng about life, love and faith contemplative essays.

Sheng is the most admired contemporary Chinese writers. His writing and his life is completely homogeneous in together, in their own "writing of the Night"; sheng with, mutilated body, say the most robust and full of ideas. He had experienced the misery of life, but it is expressed uncertainty exists and joy, his wise words, but is our increasingly illuminated the dark heart. ...... When most writers face of consumerism era abandon basic human condition, the sheng has lived in his heart, still struggling to recourse to the value of man as man, and glory, still firmly embarked on the existence of inhospitable terrain, firmly fight with unknown things, the courage and dedication, our own deeply aroused the vigilance and care in which situation. 
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