Oct 11, 2013

Smart People and Stupid Words and Ways of Doing Things


Pages Number: 314 Language: Chinese. Publisher: China Yanshi Press Pub. Date :2006-10-01. wise and stupid words and ways of doing things. a book by listing a large number of examples. to subtlety of analysis. so that you know to see smart people and stupid in the words and the different ways of doing things. and bring these different diametrically opposite results. Speak and work is actually dealing with people. as Carnegie said. dealing with people s knowledge can not learn to do early in the morning one night. so it depends on the accumulation of experience. Want to improve their speech and way of doing things. also need to take it day by day. As the saying goes. the pit. wisdom. has gone through some things. you can increase one aspect of the knowledge. get the experience test. Say things. too. but this is too inefficient. It is for this book Người không và kẻ ngu
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