Oct 25, 2013

Primary Color Atlas of China's Butterfly


Henan Science and Technology Press. 2010. Soft cover.
Book Condition: New. 1st Edition.
Language : Chinese ; 1st Edition.

The book is designed to help identify the majority of butterfly lovers, butterfly identification, production, collection of butterfly specimens, enjoy butterflies, utilization and conservation of butterflies and writing. System introduced butterfly external morphology, internal organs, and his metamorphosis, habits, predators and symbiotic relationship, butterfly specimen collection, production, storage and forwarding, as well as a butterfly in captivity, arts and crafts production, the protection of the butterfly and sustainable use of resources such as knowledge base, mainly in color photos, lively, comprehensive introduction to China butterfly 1227 kinds of male and female and distribution of positive and negative figure, a total of 3,000 pieces of color, for the majority of butterfly lovers, butterfly specimens collectors , nature lovers, nature protection and arts and crafts designers use and reference. 
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