Practical unarmed combat and defense technique

Practical unarmed combat and defense technique


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Pages Number: 150 Language: Chinese. Publisher: Hunan Science and Technology Press Pub. Date: 2010-05-01. fighting started with the defense required reading. technology and defense method of unarmed combat! Practical unarmed combat and defense operation. with author of more than ten years teaching experience in the Police Wrestling Practical unarmed combat. and defense of the research results. learn martial arts. Sanda. police fighting and capture the essence of wrestling techniques and skills. standing self-defense point of view. from the practical needs. select easy to understand and easy to learn and practice the moves on Integration of this book. Contents: Introduction Chapter conditions for self-defense must-read Section II with the law and the crucial point of vital parts of human body s own joint Section IV can attack parts of the basic postures and footwork Chapter Acts
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