Practical Chinese Chess Pieces (update)

Practical Chinese Chess Pieces (update)


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Pages Number: 182 Language: Chinese. Publisher: South China University of Technology Press Pub. Date :2009-10-01. Practical Chinese chess pieces (update) introduced the equine . artillery type. military type. vehicle type and use the pieces in actual combat the problem. and explain the cold a real mess with the chess proverb and Reviews on and look at scrapping practice mental arithmetic. Practical Chinese chess pieces (update) for beginning and intermediate level of chess enthusiasts learn to use. but also as the beginning and intermediate chess materials. Contents: Originally part of an equine (24 RC) (a) horse to take a single persons (b) Ma Qiaosheng dual disabilities (c) of the horse wins a single image (like the sides would be negative) (d) numerous single horse like (left to right- as and) (e) Ma take a single soldier (for example a) (f) Ma to take a single death (cases b) (vii) horses and artillery dual disabilities (h) Ma Qiao and artillery soldier dual disabilities (nine) and Madang Shi car (X) phase and the car Madang (k) phase and the horse car (Takaso can and) (l) Ma and the car does not double as the (low as not and) (m) phase clever horsemen and car (xiv) Death very low double-Shi Ma Bing (xv) How win elephants and horsemen (XVI) Ma Shi numerous death phase full (positive and Bureau) (xvii) horse very low single missing soldier Shi (eighth ) Ma numerous single-phase low-Death (xix) Ma Gaobing win a single short as (XX) Ma Bingsheng gun like (xxi) numerous single-shot horse low death (XXII) Magao Bing Qiao Sheng Thomas single-phase (xxiii) Ma Gaobing winning shot with disabilities (twenty four) horsemen (not across the river) as the second double victory. gun classes (16 Office) (xxv) The two-shot victory Shi Shi (xxvi) who shot All very official. as a single-phase (xxvii) official and shot two-car (xxviii) and the car shot two-phase (low phase can and) (xxix) and the car shot does not double as (high as not and) ( thirty) and three guns will be double official high death (xxxi) and the car shot full official death phase (XXXII) and the artillery gun death Qiao Shi (xxxiii) a single shot as low military ban (will not and on top ) (xxxiv) Gun death as very low single-phase (and clever) (xxxv) as a single shot of high military victory (xxxvi) soldiers shot the end of Shi Shi as a single phase win (XXXVII) guns Shi Shi on one end of military victory and the law as the (xxxviii) dual guns and cars can be soldiers across the river (XXXIX) Artillery official victory elephants phase (for example. sank gun method) (xl) Artillery Shi Phase victory elephants (Example Two broken claw disabilities Act) III. soldier classes (11 Office) (xli) wins a single soldier who single-phase coincidence (XLII) of man and the gun elephants (forty-three ) Qiao Shi and two soldiers who double death (xliv) double coincidence win a single missing soldiers as (d o) Double win a single missing soldier Qiao Shi (Forty-six) two-Bing Qiao Sheng elephants (Forty-seven) numerous soldiers who double as single (Forty-eight) as two-soldier-on-one death (Forty-nine)
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