Oriental Zen Culture (Chinese Edition)

Oriental Zen Culture (Chinese Edition)


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Pages Number: 178 Language: Simplified Chinese. Publisher: Jiangxi People's Publishing House; 1 edition (July 1. 2011). Oriental Zen Culture (Series 4) Description: 2010 11 18 Yichun City Zen Culture Exposition held its groundbreaking groundbreaking ceremony. party secretary Xieyi Sen. deputy secretary. mayor Gong Jianhua. Province. National Bureau of Religious Affairs Inspector Shaw contend. the Provincial Tourism Bureau deputy inspector Han Huilan. the Municipal Standing Committee. deputy director of Mao Qingsheng . City Vice Chairman. Jian Xu Party United Front Work Department. Municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Xu Hanzhi. the people were by the Secretary Yang. and directly under the 20 departments are responsible for people attended the groundbreaking ceremony. any Mr Peach England. deputy secretary. assistant to the mayor Wu Xiaohui. presided over the ceremony . The Ren Taoying first expressed his warm congratulations to the projects under construction. she hopes The Zen Expo Garden project to become the first choice of the general public and foreign tourists travel. leisure. and become an important window to spread the Yichun Zen culture. Zen culture Exposition located in Yiyang New District Park officials the street Datangpo community. the project covers an area of ??3200 acres. major construction projects have Nianhuaweixiao sculpture. Buddhist culture. museums. meditation Institute. the Yichun Zen trace Park. Chong Sheng Temple and other projects to invest 650 million yuan. the main part of the project is expected to be completed by the end of 2012. The project started construction on the the Yichun build Zen Holy Land to enhance the taste of Yichun city of great significance.
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