New Aesthetic Tutorials - (Revised Edition)

New Aesthetic Tutorials - (Revised Edition)


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Pages Number: 223
Publisher: Fudan University Pub.
Date :2011-7-1.

This book follows the aesthetics of contemporary and traditional aesthetics of the concept of interacting with each other. with a new style aesthetic principles of the college preparation curriculum materials. Communication from the aesthetic perspective of editors examine the new issue of aesthetics. the aesthetic experience. aesthetic media. aesthetic texts. aesthetic codes. aesthetic context. aesthetic and cultural. aesthetic appreciation. aesthetic criticism. gave a comprehensive and in-depth discussion of the aesthetic object. Classical beauty and modernity form of value. cutting-edge contemporary aesthetic and cultural landscape to express a series of new insights. but also on inter-utility and non-utilitarian. anti-aesthetic. the commercialization of the unconscious. amazed experience. glanced back to experience. different interest communication and other new concepts. new phenomena were keen and unique analysis. make cold warm heart and soul of the Pegasus to develop other new ideas. Novel point of view the book. discusses the detailed. specific case studies. presentation and smooth. suitable for medium or higher level of readers. can be used as the basis of relevant professional colleges and universities teaching materials. can be used as core curriculum courses or other professional and cultural quality of course materials. but also for other lovers of aesthetics and art theory reference.

Contents: Preface Chapter aesthetic one. two traditional and contemporary aesthetics. aesthetic meaning of the two three. four Definition of aesthetic. the aesthetic characteristics of five subjects. communication and aesthetic elements of six. the book's aesthetic framework Summary of recommended further reading Chapter aesthetic experience one or two aesthetic experience. aesthetic experience and the role of the characteristics of three or four modern form of aesthetic experience. the aesthetic spirit of modern rheology: From the Enlightenment to the poetic communicate five different interest. aesthetic experience and artistic Summary of recommended further reading Chapter aesthetic medium one. two media from the media to the aesthetic. the aesthetic and the evolution of three media. the aesthetic role of the media four-state competition and multi-media symbiosis V. Summary of recommended media and cultural depth of aesthetic codes read Chapter one aesthetic codes Second. the aesthetic codes of the characteristics and role of the three. the aesthetic codes of the form 4. the current landscape of aesthetic codes of the new study suggests Summary Chapter aesthetic depth of reading a text. the text and the aesthetic characteristics of two. aesthetic text level three. the aesthetic value of the text form of the depth of research proposals Summary of Chapter VI to read the context of an aesthetic. contextual and aesthetic context Second. the aesthetic characteristics of the context and the role of three. four types of aesthetic context. the context of this chapter blend Summary of recommended further reading Chapter VII of the aesthetic appreciation of an aesthetic appreciation of its role in two. and aesthetic appreciation of the psychological characteristics of existing forms of three. aesthetic appreciation and artistic institutions. consumer culture. four. aesthetic appreciation and aesthetic traditions Summary of recommended further reading Chapter VIII of the aesthetic and cultural one. said the two aesthetic cultural. aesthetic and cultural level three. aesthetic. cultural and historical factor of four. the forefront of aesthetic and cultural landscape Summary of recommended depth of aesthetic criticism of a read Chapter IX. the meaning of aesthetic criticism. attributes and the role of two. mode three unite aesthetic criticism. criticism of four speech Xing Xi.
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