Must master English conversation 600 segment high-frequency

Must master English conversation 600 segment high-frequency


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Basic knowledge of English is important, but only transformed into statements in order to play the role of communication, to achieve the purpose of communication. English conversation is to make the "dead" in English translates to "live" in English an important means for a certain knowledge of English language learners, how appropriate, the use of authentic spoken fluency daily conversation has become imperative.

Book is aimed at people learning English the status quo, timely preparation. Featured paragraph 600 most commonly used English conversation, appropriate and practical, easy to learn to imitate. Session spoken material large capacity is very rare in the same book, is one able to quickly improve their English speaking skills and practical training corpus classic.

The book is in accordance with the daily communication, romance, catering and hotel, shopping, celebrating festivals and special days, communication and transportation, banking, leisure activities, housing and auto, health and disease and other 11 chapters conceived, designed a "cultural link", "practical dialogue "two columns, and the scene in the book related comic interludes, so readers learn and relax.
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