Modern Public Relations Etiquette Tutorial

Modern Public Relations Etiquette Tutorial


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Publisher: Zhengzhou University Press; 1 (2011 July 5th).
Yang Ruijie and Wing P. Chan compiled the modern public relations etiquette tutorial introduced the basic knowledge of etiquette necessary in the public relations activities. combined with the actual real-life cases. a detailed explanation of the norms of modern public relations etiquette. The purpose is to let the majority of vocational students and first of all a sense of etiquette cultivation. and then in later life can consciously strengthen all aspects of etiquette cultivation. in order to step into the society. quickly integrated into the occupational groups. learn to better life and work.
Modern public relations etiquette tutorial a total of 14 chapters. including: modern public relations. etiquette Summary of instrument etiquette. deportment. etiquette. grooming rituals. conversational etiquette. interview etiquette. between ritual. ceremonies. workplace etiquette. dining etiquette. entertainment. etiquette. content of the ritual instruments. apparatus. ceremonial instrument. the festival is popular ritual.
Book authors and combined with years of teaching experience in public relations activities. multi-party to collect the data compiled into Korea. with a strong systemic. operability. and practicability. The modern public relations etiquette tutorial strive to be the modern theory of public relations. etiquette and social interaction of young students is actually a combination designed to cultivate the aesthetic taste of the young students and communication skills. etiquette knowledge. The book is the vocational carry out the ideal of quality education materials are also available for readers in social interaction and learning reference.
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