Men and women: Sexual Culture in Ancient China

Men and women: Sexual Culture in Ancient China


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Rain, this fully illustrated examples of ancient Chinese people, "sex" understanding, is sexual intercourse as a medium of communication world. In short, "sex to pass the world."
Qu Yuan, lust, is well known. Even himself said: "I ​​envy her daughters the crescent Xi, rumors complain that I the good kinky." Lu Xun and heard more than one part of Qu Yuan, who have pointed out that the ancient "Rigoletto" category. "Rigoletto" is "male prostitute" alias, was high graceful and beautiful.
Li Bai, but do not escape, his life wife many times, the number of concubines more difficult to count. Bai lust, to shame for posterity many, morally as Du Fu. Du Fu Song is seen as gradually since the "People's Poet", and Li Bai is always belonged to the romantic "titanic struggle" Scholars.
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