Mathematical Olympiad Tutorial: (Second year)

Mathematical Olympiad Tutorial: (Second year)


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Mathematical Olympiad Guide "published than ten years, and in the process, including the author and editor of hard work, more is to make us feel happy. This book has won the second session of the National Education excellent bestseller Book Fair Prize; Hong Kong Modern Educational Research Society published its traditional and online editions, and became one of Hong Kong's best-selling books, and has received a copyright output Award; uncoiling book market, according to Beijing research institute monitoring sales data, in recent years, "mathematical Olympiad tutorial" sales ranked highest in similar books, especially the first day and the high volumes were given a junior high school mathematics competition section and school books section first. These achievements are the creation of subtlety with authors, readers support are inseparable.
" Mathematical Olympiad Guide" series of books as a consultant Academician Wang Yuan , Mathematical Olympiad team leader Professor Xiong Bin single goblet and chief editor , penned by the national team coach , prepared jointly . There are five teams of China Mathematical Olympiad Committee, others are researchers, senior grade teacher or math Olympiad coaches . Top of so many outstanding dedication of a joint book readers , it is a blessing for readers .
" Mathematical Olympiad tutorial " series meet the appropriate grade students math cognitive and intellectual development , content arrangement starting from the textbook knowledge , Deep gradual transition to competition , covering all the test sites and hotspots contest . Series level a year , a total of 30 per speak about every talk into " content overview ", " Example refined solution ", " read " and " consolidate training " four parts.
" Mathematical Olympiad Guide" series of books before the fifth edition in the Fourth Edition of inheriting and carrying forward on the basis of excellent quality , our top mathematics education experts DSI excellence, " Mathematical Olympiad tutorial " supporting the " Olympiad tutorial to learn Manual " and " Olympiad tutorial proficiency test , "which
" Mathematical Olympiad tutorial to learn Manual " Yes " Mathematical Olympiad tutorial " supporting the learning , the book detailed answers " Mathematical Olympiad tutorial " and "consolidation training " exercises and contest the grade hotspots succinctly , but also prepared several whole truth race entitled readers practice purposes.
" Mathematical Olympiad tutorial Proficiency Test" is supporting " Mathematical Olympiad tutorial " exercise books , each with a one hour talk about the amount of practice to ensure that readers can better grasp knowledge . Forming a " + Comments + succinctly exercise," three-dimensional learning mode , make learning more efficient.
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